Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Thank You... And Goodbye ♥

I'm not quite sure how people will react to this, I hate to do this parting one thing that kept me happy through the worst of times and relieve the pain but I have grown and with this blog, It's grown in the other direction to me. Nothing is as hard as growing apart from a best friend, and this is what it feels like. Someday in the future I may regret this and I feel extremely confused to be doing this right now but I have been struggling to keep this up and keep the blog going, satisfying everyone with posts and sometimes it becomes too much. I don't want to leave without letting you know, thats the worst thing I could do andI don't want my blog to become abandoned or shadowed with negative thoughts swirling around it.

This is 100% My thoughts, and I have decided to shut my blog down, take a deep breath and step away from it. It's been over 2 years since I started this blog and I've changed a lot as a person, coping through the toughest times of my life and developing my personality. I always thought my career would be heading down the makeup and beauty industry, But something inside me has changed and I don't continue the passion or drive anymore that keeps me going in this direction.

As much as I love beauty, makeup and fashion I don't want my life to revolve around what I'm going to put on my face, or clothes I'm going to wear. I still love applying makeup on myself and being creative with makeup, but blogging about it is no longer a passion as it used to be. I don't want to follow the crowd, and having people not put out who you really are can be difficult, as I feel this has become a community and a place to talk but is now going. I have no longer the same passions, and at a bit of a halt with myself of what I could consider doing. For now I just want to be myself, and give myself time to grow into the person I really am rather than hopping around in other peoples shoes. I used to dream about journalism, and I was a book worm but now I don't get the same enjoyment. It could be negative vibes or other comments, I'm not completely sure myself but this is extremely hard to say goodbye because I am so grateful for you all, supporting me at my weakest self, and sharing the same passions and hobbies.

I will continue having a love for makeup, and continue experimenting with it but I'm going to focus on other things and embrace having it as a hobby other than a career. I will keep my blog up for the time being but I am leaving it. Goodbye everyone, I will always love you all and always remember each and everyone of you for helping me and giving me an amazing time in my life that will remain in my heart and mind forever. Forever and always, stay beautiful, stay empowered and confident, stay unique, silly, funny, happy and most of all... stay fabulous Xx ♥♡♥

Friday, 20 May 2016

Birthday Post +Photos

So this is over a month late... As I stated in my last post I will be uploading a little less due to busy and chaotic things going on. As you may or may not know, My birthday was on the 18th of April and on a Monday which always seems really uninspiring as it's the start of the week, usually bad weather and you feel bluegh. Well, my birthday seemed pretty good. The weather kept well all day, and I had a lovely relaxed day just going shopping, stopping off at my favourite cafe and then heading out to dinner in the evening. Now I am planning to take pictures and do a haul post for you, but my camera is currently missing so It may have to be just lower quality phone photos, or be postponed however much I hate doing that! I also picked up a few items for my freelance kit, and will be doing a 'Freelance kit essentials' post hopefully soon as I know it can be very useful especially when I started I was a bit lost and needed guidance.

As you can see, I had a lovely stop at muffin break which was very much needed seeing as I felt my forehead was going to melt of! I love muffin break a hella load, and they have an amazing offer where on your birthday you can get a free birthday muffin which is amazing and I very much appreciated the blueberry muffin which was so delicious, I can't explain! I also redeemed my free coffee as when you sign up for your card online you get a free Coffee, I didn't have the coffee, but my mother (I was shopping with her as she had a day off!) very much enjoyed it, as well as a cheese and ham panini which I tried a little of and it was heavenly! I will leave a link here, to see the gains of having a loyalty card. If you haven't already gone to Muffin break already... then I really recommend you do, its amazing and the atmosphere is always extremely lovely and cheerful. There muffins are handmade and you can tell, they are perfect.

I had a chicken caesar salad wrap (Ooh, a bit of a mouthful!) It is my all time favourite lunch and I really enjoyed it, in fact my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Here is the Queen... the one and only, Muffin. I shared this with my Mum again!

I also in the evening went to Pizza Express, where I had a gorgeous meal with my family. It was one of the heavenly pizzas with a thin crust and a salad in the middle, I also had a watermelon drink Ice cooler thingy, which was so yummy.

Thank you very much for reading if you made it this far! I hope you've had an amazing week and I'm looking forward to posting soon :) As always, stay beautiful Xx

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Birthday, Work, Chaos and Coffee

I've recently had a bit of a holiday, due to my birthday which was on the 18th, and to be honest I've been extremely busy with work and life! As Much as I would love to do posts, I am concentrating my bones of, and then as any other human, I've needed relaxation and rest which concludes of me being a lazy slob! I'm hopefully going to be updating my blog design due to the fact I've had it pretty much the same the last 2 and a half years, and it's getting a little old and tired as well as needing a spot o' decorating and modernising!

Once life and working has calmed down slightly, I will be focusing more on blogging but that may be a while so please be aware that I may not be posting as regularly as I should, even though I haven't been already, I have a lot on my plate and seeing as I have been having rubbish sleep, even coffee is not helping!

I thought I'd write a post before I had my bubble bath, I highly recommend having bubble baths before bed! They honestly de stress, calm and relax you mentally and physically. It's always a nice alternative after going to the gym. To wrap this up, I want to just say that I do tweet often enough when I don't have time to a blog post and am procrastinating! So check my twitter out here, and stay fabulous Xx

Monday, 4 April 2016

It's gotten TOO far...

It's very unusual of me to publish 2 blog posts in a day, as I don't want to bore you all but this evening while checking up on twitter I came across a tweet which immediately worked me up and question the fashion industry. Just a slight warning, this will be a ranting post so if you arent into this sort of thing then please click away! So a bikini and beach accessory shop that follows me sold some beautiful pieces including stunning costumes, and thought out designs but this one tweet screwed my head on a different way, made me consider about what everything has come to. What I mean by this is something I stand very strongly against, photoshopping.

Yes, Its been done for years now and before that people were airbrushed which still is carried on today, but in general it has only become a bigger thing in the last half decade or so. I am going to add a screenshot now of what the tweet was, to give you an idea of what I am on about!

Sorry for the slight burr, but I mean you can clearly see the alterations they made to the image. The fact that her stomach is the size of her calf is a big giveaway. Now as someone with a history of eating issues, I know for a fact that this is the sort of thing which makes you think that you have to be that size to look good in something, and that this is the sort of figure guys and girls are looking for. To those with a partner, I'm sure if you ask your partner that they will be far from ok with you developing an eating disorder or extreme/unrealistic views on what your body should look like due to images that are everywhere.

It has gotten to the time where I am actually very uncertain of what the future holds in the fashion and editing industry, I mean we all love to feel better about ourselves but do you want someone editing a picture of you which makes you look unidentifiable and then be called stunning in that image? Its a clear example of what some models go through, and for those models who are brave enough to protest, I stand with you as it is insane.

I don't want to ramble till the morning, so I will end this post here with a my final thoughts.

No Matter what you look like, and who you are. All that matters is that you are happy and healthy. The little things like makeup can empower you, but don't believe in false ideals as they are inhuman and crazy. You are a human in a human body so don't edit yourself to become an alien, be proud of the body you're given and work it girl, as you can work it better than Nicki M can twerk it. 

I may have to recite that to myself even, we all have completely altered ideas of who and what we want to look like without realising that we do. Anyway, I hope you all have had an amazing day, and as always... Stay Fabulous Xx

S@*t Happens!

So... I've been absent for 2 months. This is not something I am proud of, nor something I would want to happen again. As a blogger, I have my duty to do what I love, and continue my passion but sometimes life gets a hold on everything and when things are tough we get pulled back majorly. Blogging was a choice and something I love as I can be my rambly old self and not feel judged for my passions. It's sometimes a shock to the system when stresses are increased of dramatic changes and life is all of a sudden a scary, long roller coaster ride which seems to be never ending. After a long time of not posting, I have only just realised that in times of stress and scary situations do you have a lack of motivation and you feel alone and lost even if you aren't actually.

My future ambitions is to do makeup artistry professionally, and my dream has been pushed out of my way during the past months due to lack of motivation and being a slobby procrastinator! When I wakeup sometimes I feel rather lost and not certain on where I want to go in life, who I want to end up being but thats ok. I have the rest of my life, to do anything I like and it doesn't have to be one set thing.

For all those, any ages or genders, if you aren't motivated mood, you wont feel settled or happy in your job when before you may have loved it. I am going to be doing a post on motivation, as to motivate myself again I want to almost share how everything is going. Just be reassured, shit happens! We have no choice sometimes for things that happen, usually negativity takes  toll and can cause chaos. Just imagine it like this, your lifestyle is a puzzle. You feel like there is 3 pieces missing when all of a sudden, it falls apart slowly and gets mixed up in other puzzle pieces so you are surrounded in a mess and feel confused.

I am extremely grateful for you sticking beside me even when I was absent, and let me tell you, as soon as I have found my camera and charged it, I will be posting more! I love you <3 Also, its 2 weeks until another birthday... hooray! I feel rather keen to skip this birthday, I think we all sometimes wish that we could just skip our birthday.

Any who, I am currently suffering major period cramps, so for all the ladies out there... sympathy and chocolate will do me good! I'm joking, but I am sure the females can slightly relate, this is one thing about being a woman that isn't the most... joyful. I'm going to go and bury in my duvet and browse twitter now, so sorry for the rather random and unusual blog post but see you soon! Feel free to comment your thoughts on any of the topics, I love to hear feedback and opinions, Thanks :) Stay beautiful Xx

Monday, 22 February 2016

Upcoming Looks ~ SneakPeak!

I've recently been working a lot more on my portfolio, and building up many different variations of looks and so have been slightly sidetracked from blogging, I will be sharing a lot more of what I come up with and how to posts soon, but please let me know what you'd like to have :)

I thought I'd give you a little sneak peak of what you can expect, and what sort of looks/how to's are coming up! I know this is a rather short post, but I hope you can enjoy the pictures. So sit back, brew a cup of your favourite drink and enjoy!

Metallic Blue Lip (Feat; a pesky spot on the chin!)

Lilac Shimmer Eye

Im not going to give a lot away, but thats a little sneak peak! I hope you enjoyed just  having a faint view of the looks. As a little gift to you all, a fabulous website you could check out is Lyla loves, they have stunning amazing quality jewellery and are lovely people. Here is actually a 20% of, from Lyla Loves that they sent to say thank you to everyone and also as a thank you for all of your support towards me as well. Just Click here! :) So I reccomend you check them out but for now, stay fabulous Xx

Saturday, 20 February 2016

You are Strong

After going through some tough times in the past, and realising that a bigger percentage of the world is going through a tough time constantly is a little shock to the system especially with how we cope individually. Some mornings you may wake up feeling absalutely crap with no motivation and no courage to conquer whats making you feel down. When you feel alone, empty and lost don't leave your hopes behind you. Speaking like this turns me into a complete hypocryte, seeing as I struggle with keeping motivation to keep me striding through life. 

This may seem irrellavent completey, but how does makeup feel to you? Does it make you feel epowered? Strong and indiidual? Motivated and realising that you can do more than what you dream? 

My idol isn't just a 'celebrity' or anyone who is still alive sadly, but they're an inspiration towards both genders, any skin colour and any personality. Marylin Monroe quoted 'Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she'll conquer the world.' 

This is something that ties in with my post today, you don't have to be a different person to have courage. Be yourself and be who you really are. I live by the rule, that ' Don't mask your problems in lipstick, put on the lipstick and sort the problems yourself.' and what I mean by that, is that makeup can be worn however you like it, but don't feel the need to mask and cover up yourself as that can cause more insecurities of how you 'Think you're better when masked in makeup.' But you need to ask yourself one thing, 'Do you feel that masking yourself in makeup makes you happier? Do you feel that it's the real you?' 

Going completely of topic, I'm sat up in bed yawning away to a youtube music playlist to try and wake up! Even though I'm struggling, I thought it'd be best if I tried to reduce my caffiene intake as its doing more bad than good to my body and It may help me generally feel better. So what have you been up to this little holiday? Have you been busy hustling and bustling around, or have you been sat back having a netflix marathon with friends? I hope you all had a good valentines day, it isn't the most popular event here in the UK but hope you enjoyed it and had fun! Have an amazing day, Stay beautiful and fabulous! :) Xx