Friday, 6 June 2014

Batiste dry shampoo-Pixie Lott

So recently I tried the Batiste dry shampoo (pixie lott) as I really wanted to try there dry shampoo. First of all the packaging is really attractive with lovely sea blue swirls and of course pixie Lott herself on the bottle. The bottle is a really good size and will last me a long time. The spray, really surprised me. I used this today and yesterday as i didn't have time to wash my hair so I used this. The spray is dry and I brushed it through with my Goody by Ouch less brush. I loved the dry shampoo. It immediately felt like I had washed my hair and was so dry. I am amazed with the results and also made my hair same really nice! I highly recommend it so buy it in Tesco at the moment for £2.99 I LOVE the results. Definitely a everyday item and essential! It is amazing stuff!

Btw. I shall put a photo of it up soon. Please request items to try I shall add my email.

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  1. Really like the blog. Love this dry shampoo, I have it my self.