Friday, 11 July 2014

Wrights Baking-Cake mixes

So recently Wrights baking, sent me 3 500g cake mixes in the post to review, and I was very happy when they came. I received a Madeira, Toffee and Carrot mixes and I enjoyed making them. First of all, I found the method really fast and easy which I think is perfect for birthday cakes or just for special occasions. I will put a few images bellow of the cakes.
                                                          The cake mixes

                                                         The first mix I made (Madeira)

                                                        Everything you need.
                                                         500g Cake Mix
                                                         400ml Water
                                                         4tbsp Vegetable Oil

Adding 400ml of water

 Adding Oil

Adding Cake Mix

Mixing The Mix

 In the Oven


Personally, It is really nice with vanilla butter cream for cupcakes. These were very fun to make, Easy and efficient. (Plus not much washing up!) I really enjoyed the lovely taste and spongy mix and was surprised how well they came out. I also tried the Toffee as a tray bake and It worked Fabulously. I love their cake mixes and will definitely use them more and buy them regularly. I highly recommend them for a quick, easy and fun cake that all the family can help with.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

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