Thursday, 21 August 2014

Batiste - Hint of colour

I recently received the Batiste a hint of colour and have been dying to try it for ages. I have used it for two weeks just to test it and I have been very pleased with the outcome.

Positive aspect/s of the product

1.  The colour - you choose the can of product that matches your hair colour and then it doesn't appear grey so when you apply the product and it doesn't blend in fully, There are no traces of grey or the normal batiste colour.

2. It volumises - It gives a really good volume to your hair and lifts it up, looking plumped and ready to start your day.

3. It moisturises - It moisturises and conditions your hair so it looks perfectly washed that day and more awake.

Negative aspect/s of the product

1. Bit too volumised- When you blend it in and massage it, it volumises and some days I like straighter less volumised hair and I have to brush it in.

On most days when I use the Batiste a hint of colour  I do a hairstyle which I call the halo braid. Now the halo braid is very popular, but I have a little change that is similar, but not the same up do as usual.

How to use Batiste

1. Shake can vigorously before any contact.

2. Take the cap off and lift the top sides of your hair and gently spray onto the scalp, 30cm away from your head.

3. Spray on the opposite side in the same place. Then spray the top of your head.

4. Using your hands, blend and massage the product through your hair.

5. Do your usual hairstyle or leave down and you're ready to go!

How to do my version of the halo braid

1. Do the usual process of blending the Batiste.

2. Take a small chunk of your hair on the right of your head.

3. Plait the chunk of hair to the bottom then secure with a small transparent hair band.

4. Lift the plait on your head to the left and hold tightly.

5. Secure with a bobby pin or small clip of your choice.

6. Repeat process but with a chunk from the left side of your head. Secure with
bobby pin or clip, next to the other plait.

7. Hairspray to keep in place.

My opinion on Batiste a hint of colour,  is that it's perfect for every day use and it is a really good product; a lot of thought must have gone into it.
The product is only £2.99 in leading Boots stores and online Click here to purchase one at Boots now.

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