Monday, 15 September 2014

Autumn and Winter Makeup looks

Today I thought I would share with you some of my winter/Autumn Makeup looks that I like to wear in the autumn/Winter. I would like to Thank Alice for requesting some of these looks. Go and Check her blog out If you click here. Her blog is amazing and she is really lovely. Anyway thank you very much. So here are the looks!

Autumn look

So for this look I have chosen to do a smoky eye including a light silver champagne colour in the inner corner of my eye and getting darker with a gold and brown. For this look I really recommend using a nudes palette with the basic colours. Brown and pale colours as they are great for smoky eye. I also highly recommend purchasing a fluffy blending brush for eyes  if you don't own one already as they are fabulous for going into the crease and blending out for smoky eye or neutral. This look is fabulous for a day out or just for staying at home. I love doing looks similar to this al year round. I usually wear this look with a dark lipstick I have which is a gorgeous dark colour called 'Plum'.

Winter look

I have chosen a more dramatic look for winter including silvers, and black. I have done a main silver on the lid and built it up darker and darker and it goes to the outer corner of my lid. This is suitable for parties, celebrations and christmas. I have used a liquid black eye liner across the lid and swooped it out in a rather wobbly cat wing. (...I'm very sorry my hand was shaking.) For this look I recommend buying a good eye palette with colours like black, silver and white. I also recommend buying a good liquid eyeliner that stays on for a long time. I usually wear this with bright red lipsticks to make it more festive for winter.

Thank you very Much for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading this as it took a while to pick out my top 2 favourite looks. I suggest that you try new ideas and see what winter/Autumn colours suite you. Personally golds, browns and silvers suite me more which is good as I can involve them in most looks. I hope you enjoyed reading. Plus if you have a question or an idea for a tutorial I would be really happy to do it.
Thank you1

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  1. Thanks for doing these looks. They have really helped me!
    Alice x