Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Pet shop - Love your pets

Pet Shop are a fairly new company who sell pet goodies and equipment to keep your pet happy and healthy. They sent me a few things to show and review for you. My thoughts on the products are just the same even if I bought them myself. Firstly I would just like to say how good the website is. I find it very easy to look around the website and look at toys and food for my cat. When the package arrived I was very pleased about the packaging. This may not be a big deal for most people, but I like to be eco-friendly and reuse reduce and recycle. The packaging they used was an old shredded box which was used to protect the items. I think that it was a very good idea.

But let's move on from the service to the products. Their products are really well priced and are not expensive. I am definitely going to use it in the future to buy big portions of cat food or other toys. They first sent me 4 sachets of the 'Almo Nature cat food' for my cat to try. The flavours were; Orange label, Azul label, Classic Light and Green label Raw pack.

These were very much enjoyed by my cat and he really liked the Green label raw pack as he loves tuna and we usually buy fished based food for him. I am really happy with these. He didn't really like the Azul label though. They also sent me the 'Canagan for cats' in Scottish salmon. How did they know my cats favourite flavour?!  He wolfed it down and I still have lots remaining as it was a 375g bag. The next thing was the 'Dreamies Mix' Treats with Scrumptious salmon and heavenly tuna. He  liked the scrumptious salmon but wasn't so sure on the heavenly tuna as he sniffed at it. The last thing I received was the Cat Playtime Toy, which he played with (and sort of destroyed!) for a long time. I have found he has started to not play with toys as much but was surprised when he started playing with this so I am happy and now know he has a new toy which he loves. Some images will be below.

Thank you so much for sending these Pet Shop! I am really happy and so is my cat. The service is exceptionally good and it came much, much quicker than I expected.  You also automatically get tracking emails to see where the parcel is and when it will be delivered and who it will be delivered by. I found that very useful. Thank you for reading. Click here if you would like to purchase products from their amazing website.

Here are the links for the products shown above:
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  1. Found this review really helpful, and I will definitley be visiting the website when my dog's birthday comes around!