Sunday, 19 October 2014

Defeat Dark under eye circles

We have all experienced dark under eye circles in our life. They are a nuisance and pain. I usually put a load of under eye concealer on and layer it up. But why do we get them? And how do we defeat them?

Reasons we might be having dark under eye circles.

-You may not be getting enough sleep. Beauty sleep is important, and it's in the name. If you want to look beautiful, sleep well. The average teenager needs 9 1/2 hours sleep.

-Diet. I think most people are scared of this word as it usually means to change the way you eat. Don't be scared. Think about everything in moderation. You can have that chocolate with caramel, but only 1. Remember to keep a balanced diet and to include at least 2 portions of fruit and vedge each day but also remember if you have less food, you have to have less bad foods.

-Allergies. You may be allergic to your pillow. This does sound odd, but lot's of people are irritated to pillows because of the filling feathers, cotton etc. Try a different pillow and see if anything changes. If it doesn't go to your local doctors or health place for an allergy test.

How to defeat them.

-Improve your diet. As I said, if you wan't good skin you will have to eat lots more fruit and vedge then you usually do.

-Keep hydrated. Drink 6-8 cups of water a day. I know it's very hard, but it does improve your skin and prevents dark under eye circles.

-Try using a cold, wet facecloth over your eyes for 5-10 minutes. This will instantly hydrate your skin making it look more awake, refreshed and it decreases dark circles.

-Freeze a spoon for 10-15 minutes. Place curved side on your eyelids until the spoon is warm.

Cosmetic solutions

-At night use an eye cream. This may/may not work, It really depends on your skin type and if it has helped in the past.

- Use a good concealer. If you only have a minute, pop a good concealer on. Make sure it matches your skin tone by trying it in store on the inside of your wrist, NEVER try it on your hand as your wrist is lighter than you face by 1-2 tones but your hand catches the most sun out of your whole body so it will be much darker.

So I hope my tips have helped you and will help dark under eye circles. I think this topic is rarely brought up even though most of us really suffer with them. So thank you for reading.



  1. I'm sorry there weren't any pictures. This was more of an information guide I have put together as one of the things that annoys me most is my dark under eye circles. So I put together this to help you and give you tips that have worked for me. x

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