Tuesday, 18 November 2014

5 Tips to flawless foundation

I know many people struggle with getting a flawless, perfect foundation look due to many reasons. I have 5 top tips to help you get that perfect flawless look for every day or special occasions.

Tip 1.
Find a good foundation. You don't want a thin one or it will just soak into your skin and not give a good coverage. I'm currently loving the Rimmel London Match perfection foundation as it's the perfect constancy and has excellent coverage. I found it works on it's own, but you can use concealer to make it even more flawless.

Tip 2.
Find the best brush. Stippling brushes are really good for flawless looks as they evenly spread the foundation out. Even better, you can get them in different sizes which is useful when blending around your nose, eyes and chin.

Tip 3.
Use a good concealer. 1-2 shades lighter than your face. Use the inside of your wrist to test the right colour. I also find that I can use this technique for my foundation when testing it in shops. As many shop lightings are very artificial it can fake the colour of the foundation so you may buy the wrong colour. I have experienced this a few times. With your concealer, if you have a liquid one, but it on the back of your hand and onto a small brush before patting to the area of choice. I find this spreads and blends it more.

Tip 4.
Powder with a transparent powder. You can get these cheap, but I do think better quality ones are better. They look white but apply clear so it doesn't show up on the skin. I think this is the best so your not applying another layer of colour, as to much layers of different colours can make your skin look discoloured and also, usually when powder is coloured it has a tendency to clump which can make the skin look lumpy and sometimes look like you have had an allergic reaction.

Tip 5.
Use a primer they may not seem like an essential, but in fact they are so helpful. I have found the W7 camera ready, anti dull one incredible. It makes your skin silky and smooth before applying foundation. Also, this one helps your skin from being dull.

I hope these tips can come in help. Remember to give your skin a break a few days as all makeup clogs your pores! Makeup does make your skin more oily, more sensitive and prone to spots. Thanks for reading. Bye!X

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