Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Contouring and highlighting Tips, Tricks and how I do it

I used to really struggle with contouring and highlighting. At first It was hard to do and tricky.  I thought I would give some tips that helped me, and hopefully will help you. I found that making a face diagram helped me learn the part of the face you get the natural shadows, and were you get the natural glow. These steps also give your face more dimension, which looks elegant. This method I wouldn't use day to day, only parties, celebrations etc.
This is the diagram I use. 

So I start with highlighting. Make sure the face is clean before applying any thing, also moisturise before to hydrate the skin. Take a foundation 2 shades lighter than the person. Apply this above the cheekbones, if the person has big cheeks, apply less. If they have small cheeks, apply more. Highlighting makes that feature stand out, on the forehead, doing less for a bigger forehead and more for a smaller head.  also as you can see on the diagram, highlight the bridge of the nose and the corners of the nose to the mouth. Don't blend it yet.

Now for the contouring, take a foundation 2 shades darker than the skin tone. Apply this right under the cheekbones, bring it to the temples of the face (The lower parts of the forehead) And underneath the face, This will give shadow making your face look thinner. Also apply the darker foundation (I recommend a small thin foundation or eye brush for this) and apply in two lines to the end of the nose. (This will make it look thinner) also I like to do a 'V' shape at the end of the nose. If you are finding it hard to keep up, look at the diagram.  Now get a cream foundation brush and blend it al together, but keeping the contour you just did. By this time, I like moving to a buffing brush, to blend it more. Remember to buff some do the neck to even the skin tone.

Next Powder the face. Use a transparent one so It doesn't throw more colour onto the face. You can exaggerate the contouring with a powder contour or highlighter, but I like to skip this step.

And your done. You can obviously finish the makeup with a beautiful eye look, or a bright red lipstick. I think this contouring looks especially elegant on brides.

If you would like a day to day contouring routine Comment down bellow, as I would love to share with you, what I do for neutral to day to day looks. Thank you for reading.


  1. This is really helpful! Thanks! I need to buy a new bronzer, do you have any that you recommend?


    1. I am currently using the Loreal Nude Magique Liquid Bronzer for contouring and precise bronzer but I wasn't able to find a link to it in many stores so it may be discontinued. Apart from that, I do have a few powder bronzers I love. I recommend taking a look at what NYC do as they are quite affordable as well. Also, I've heard Makeup Revolution do some good ones. You've probably heard of the bourjois chocolate bronzer, I don't have it myself but I've swatched in-store and really loved the powder so I'm probably going to go and purchase it. Sorry for his being so long! Hope this helps :) X