Sunday, 2 November 2014

Freeman Beauty Review

I really enjoy having a pamper night now and then so I decided I would do a pamper night themed sort of review about the freeman face masks. I had never tried there products before this, but I really reccomend to do so as they feel lovely and work wonders. Here are the products I tried.

So I had the Avocado & Oatmeal clay mask, Lemon and sage foot scrub and finally, peppermint and plum foot lotion. Firstly, the foot lotion was so soft it made my feet a whole lot better than before and helped dry skin patches. It really moisturised and my foot soft again and looking much better. I really liked it and the smell was really appealing. The hint of peppermint was so nice.

The next thing I tried was the face mask. It was the normal consitency and smelt ok. Most face masks are actually avocado so it wasn't much different to the standard facemask. I am a facemask freak as I actually own lots myself and I am very picky when it comes to facemasks as I hate ones that don't smell good. I was pleasantly surprised for this as it went on well and hardened very quickly. I really liked the feel of this on my face i didn't find it chunky because I have experienced chunky ones before and believe me they are not pleasant.

Finally the foot scrub. I used this before the lotion and this really helped exfoliate my feet. I don't like chunky bits in exfoliates and I was happy with this as the exfoliating 'balls' were small, but when I washed my feet there weren't any still left on. The smell of this one was zingy as the lemon was rather strong, but the lotion helped sort of make the scent less powerful.
I hope you enjoyed this review. I really recommend these product especially the foot lotion, (I really had a thing about that!) I hope you enjoyed it. Check out there website here. I think they would be good stocking stuffers for those pamper night lovers, or just for yourself! Thank you!

*PR sample

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