Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Lipstick and How to care for your lips

I know when I say 'Applying Lipstick.' It sounds easy and an everyday thing, But if you really want an elegant look with lips which look immaculate, it can be quite hard. I thought I would share my tips and tricks to help you.

Step 1. 
Moisturise your lips. I highly recommend the Nivea hydro care as it's easier to apply then Nivea original, but is so moisturising and hydrating.

Step 2.
Start of with penciling with lip pencil around your lips, accentuating the cupids bow. Find your lipstick of choice. If you make the lip pencil 1 shade darker, it will really make your lips stand out. 

Step 3. 
Once you have applied the lipstick, correct imperfections and then go around your lips in a white eyeliner. Use a small brush to blend it. The white highlights your lips, making them stand out more. 

Lip Care
It is very important to take care of your lips, or you can get sore or flaky lips. I came up with a few ideas to help take care of your lips.

-Hydrate often with a Chapstick

-Before wearing lip stick, apply a really moisturising lip balm

I came up with a care routine that I stick to and can hopefully help you. I usually use it on my pamper nights or just when I feel I need to.

Step 1. 
Use a face cloth soaked in warm water to get rid of dead skin. Rub it in circles across your lips. 

Step 2. 
Next, I apply a lip scrub. I am obsessed with the 'Bubblegum' Lips scrub from Lush. It lasts for ever and only costs £5. 

Step 3. 
Thirdly I use a homemade lip remedy that tastes good, and really moisturises your lips. 
All you need is:

1tsp Runny Honey
A small piece of cling film
A piece of kitchen towel.

It's so simple. Just apply the runny honey to your lips, and place the cling film over your mouth for 5 minutes. Then peel the cling film of with the kitchen towel, no need to wash your lips. Then apply a moisturising Chapstick.

I hope these tips helped. Please comment down below of ideas for more 'How to' posts.


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