Saturday, 22 November 2014

Real Techniques Expert face brush

I had another meaningless trip to boots today, that led me to buy this brush. I have seen many reviews and tutorials of this brush so I went and bought it myself as I wanted to see what I personally thought and because why not! I think real techniques is a really trustworthy brand and I have never heard any body having any troubles with the brushes.

You can actually buy this brush in a set, which I am getting... But for now I just bought this brush as a single brush. I found this is good for foundation but if you do have a large face, it may not work for you. I found this worked with the foundation which I am currently using which I have done a review for so if you want to view that, click here.

This brush is really good quality, Its bristles are amazingly soft and gentle on the skin. I found this a perfect brush for blending concealer and foundation. It's brilliant for creases around your face like around the nose, not necessarily around the eyes if you are a beginner as you may get the rush fibres in your eye, but on the whole it's a very good brush to work with. It has a good stiff handle which gives you lots of control with application, and the bottom of the brush is almost rubbery avoiding your hand slipping of the brush.

Seeing as I have used many brushes of different brands in the past, I am very impressed with this one. I would recommend to having a few of this type of brush so you don't get your concealer and foundation turning into a horrible coloured mess on the brush meaning you have to wash it more.

Now we get to the subject of washing the brush. I did wash it today just to see how well it worked after using it. I used an average brush cleanser, most makeup brush brands retail them, I washed it normally, and was pretty impressed with the results in the end. However, as my makeup brush cleanser is water based, after rinsing it brush cleanser was still throughout the brush fibres even though I washed it pretty well.

I would say that's the only downside to washing and the use of the brush. I cannot find any imperfections myself which is very good. I will be buying more of their products and lots of their sets of brushes.

Once again, I hope you found this review helpful or at least enjoyed reading it. Purchase this brush for only £9.99 here.  If you want to go to the website, click here. Thank you for reading.



  1. I found your blog through your post on Zoella's blog. Reading through your various posts about makeup.... I love them! I love the tips and advice you give it's so helpful.

    I wonder if you get a chance could you have a look at my blog that i started today and possibly give me some feedback as you seem quite expierenced in blogging where as I have just started?

  2. Thanks Sophie, I checked out your blog and read the post and I love the blog! I love the name of it, and the style. To be honest I don't really have any tips, but I recommend to pick a main subject and stick to it throughout your blog for example, my blog's theme is makeup/Fashion. Another thing, is to make it personal. Include your personality in the blog, so give examples, things that have happened etc. I think you have already done that really well. I can't really think of anything else, but remember to keep and audience, you need to upload regularly to keep them intrigued and wanting to read more. Make it exciting. Don't hide away and fake to be someone else, just be yourself because people love looking at blogs with personality who really show what they are like. Good luck with your fantastic blog xxx

  3. Lovely post, really enjoyed reading it :) x

  4. Just recently got this and have been using it for a month. I like it but I much prefer buffing brush from their core collection. too bad it isn't sold individually. :/


  5. I had another meaningless trip to boots today, that led me to buy this brush. I have seen many reviews and tutorials of this brush so I went and ...