Saturday, 22 November 2014

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation Review

I decided to do a review on this foundation, as I absolutely love it. I was in boots the other day, and I needed more foundation as I was dangerously low. This then caught my eye. I haven't really heard many reviews on this product, But I thought I would give it a go any way to see what it was like.
I got it in the shade, 100 Ivory.

This foundation, is a perfect shade for me and I use it every day. I find it's really easy to blend into your skin and get a really flawless look. As the colour is the perfect shade, I don't have any trouble with it not looking natural. It does have quite a lot of shine, however if you use a good powder it covers the shine making your face shine free. As it can be quite shiny, I would possibly be careful with how much you apply if you have very oily skin. 

I really like this foundation and is the front of my makeup drawers. I will definitely purchase this again and recommend it to people who are looking for a foundation they can trust which is pretty workable, and is a range of a lot of shades. I find application easy, as because the constancy is perfect you can use any tool, including your fingers, a brush and a sponge. I did a review on a brush I am loving for foundation right now, if you are interested, click here.

I really love this foundation and highly recommend it to everyone. It's great for a makeup kit, but if you are using this product on others, do be aware to keep it somewhere safe as glass foundations have a tendency to brake in unexpected moments on hard floors. Go and buy this exact product for only £6.99 here. I thought about doing a post on 'How to find the perfect shade' so if you want a post on that, please comment down below.
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  1. Hello,
    I have been reading some of your posts as i have just started my own blog and was looking for a few others to read. You said in this blog above about 'How to find the perfect shade', which i would really like it if you could do that. It would help me out a lot, as i never know if the shade i have picked is too dark, or too light for my skin town. Thanks :)

    1. I would love to do a post on that. ;-) unfortunately, the lighting in most 'Drugstores' is dreadful, so I will try my best. x

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  3. Thank you and yes I know its TERRIBLE and makes your skin look a totally different colour! Thanks x