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W7 Makeup Review

Very recently, I discovered W7. I had never tried it before and as I love makeup I thought I would give it a try and see what I thought about the products. I know they are more sort of a budget Brand and aren't as expensive as MAC. But, I wanted to give them a try. So here is the review.

W7 very kindly gave me a bundle of goodies to try and I very much appreciate that. As i is a PR sample, my views are not different in any way and are exactly the same as if I had bought them.

Here are the products Listed in order; Lip paint in Naughty, Primer Magic Anti dull, The honey queen blusher, Africa Bronzer, Full time lip in Wicked

Top View

 Starting with the Africa Bronzer Box. This is a very stylish bronzer box with a lovely glow to it. The packaging is pretty simple but when you open it, you get wowed.

It has a leopard print patten on the bronzer with pink, brown and dark brown shades. It comes with a little applicator but I never use them. When I first saw it, I was a little hesitant at the fact it was called a bronzer and yet had neon pink patches. I had never seen any thing like it. When I used the bronzer, I blended it well before applying. I did have my doubts about it, but It came out ok. It was rather pink so I had to tone that down with another bronzer. I would say this is pretty much a two in one Bronzer and blush and if you apply it to a bit higher than your cheekbones, it really gives a lovely shine and glow to your face and gives it a bit more dimension. It costs £4.95 which I would say is very cheap for this sort of item.

 The next thing I tried was the blusher. After opening the bronzer, I ad no idea what to expect, though when I saw the coloured hexagons it really appealed to me. I was slightly worried at how the different coloured segments would blend together though. I was pleasantly surprised, as It gave me a wonderful blushed colour on my cheeks but wasn't over powering or to weak. The shade blended together gives a sort of honey pink colour. I thought it was a really gorgeous colour and have been wearing it everyday! It retails at £4.95 which I think is totally worth it.
                                                            Inside of the blusher.

As you do with a primer, I applied it before my foundation and concealer etc. At first I was unsure as, as you can see the primer is purple, This is as it was an anti dull primer. I do have very dull patches on me, so I was hoping this could help. If you haven't seen this before you might be curious. Basically, if you have dull green marks then you would use a green concealer etc. It really helps using the opposite colour as it makes it fade. 

The texture was very silky, it wasn't exactly smooth, but It had more of a silky feeling to it.When I applied it, it made my face feel very soft which I really liked. I then used my other makeup on top. At the end of the day, My makeup was pretty much intact and my foundation and powder had stayed on all day. I think it does it's job really well, and does what it says on the packet, which I like in every product that I use. It is especially good for occasions like weddings, Prom etc. as it helps your makeup stay on 24h. It's price is £6.95 which is especially good for the job it does.

Next was the lip paint. It was in the shade 'Naughty'. Which just like it's name, it stands out. It is a very bright red colour which is a very smooth texture. It does not have any sparkle as it is a very basic colour. I find the packaging isn't so appealing, but the product itself is really nice. It has a very sheek look and looks very glamourous. I think this is a really good colour that stands out and I will be using it lots in future looks when I want to have a bright Colour. The tube is like a lipgloss, however I find the best way to apply it is with a lip brush really highlighting around the edges of the mouth. I tried this with a number of looks and found it a perfect match. However, I do dislike how it is rather thin and you have to apply it a few times. I find it is a good base to any lipstick if you apply a thin layer first. This retails at £4.95 which I also find very cheap as it really does much more than it says it does.

Finally, the full time lip in 'Wicked'. It s a beautiful berry colour perfect for autumn and winter. Now, what I do like is that it does stay on all day, but I do have a few dislikes. It is very easy to apply and is a lovely thick texture. It says to leave to dry the colour then apply the clear gloss. I waited it to dry and then did what it said. But when the colour was dry it became flaky which led the wand on the clear gloss to have flakes of the colour on it. But this product does have many good things. It does stay on forever and I didn't need to reapply it at all, and just the clear gloss on it's own is a beautiful neutral look. I think I will use this again, but be careful that it doesn't go flaky as it can ruin the gloss' wand.

I really am thankful for all of the products and love them. The blusher is certainly good and I also love the lip paint and primer. Thank you so much W7 I think your products are very well priced but I would say lots of them are much better and think are very cheap for the quality of the products. I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you would like to buy and view their products, click here. They do incredible products and have some really inspiring photo shoot pictures that really inspired me. I will be doing reviews and posts much more as it is heading to christmas and I want to count down with you all. Thank you very much.

*PR Sample

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