Saturday, 6 December 2014

Another Makeup Splurge, Pinecone DIY's and Beautiful Scenary

Ok, I admit it...I have gone and spent MORE money on makeup and bath time luxuries... I know need people to drag me away from the MAC counter and help me to get christmas presents and not personal presents. I am a spendaholic. If I see something nice, I will get it. I'm not a shopaholic as such, as I particularly don't have much time to go shopping anyway, but If I do go I just go and have a massive splurge on makeup... and cute clothes... and anything with a different label.

Have you ever gone into Starbucks or costa just to get their seasonal cups? If you have, don't worry you're not alone! This time of the year, is my spending season. The season were I go shopping for christmas presents and end up with 1 or if I'm resisting spending, 2 presents. But getting to the point, (Yes please) I stupidly walked into boots yesterday, only to come out with a lot less in my purse. I did have a little, tiny spend. I did have to get the collection lasting concealer though as apparently it is amazing, (Apparently) I will do a review on it though to see m actual thoughts. I also bought some chocolate! But that's not really at the topic...(The only things a girl needs:Chocolate and Makeup!)

I also did buy some other items, but I think I will post a massive haul soon and also, I wandered if you would like a 'What I got For Christmas' Post, as I would love to do that. Also, the next time you go on a walk, pick up some pinecones! There are some really pretty DIY's including my personal favourite, get a pinecone, spray silver or gold glitter  over the pinecone, tie a red ribbon around it and Ta-Da! A fabulous homemade pinecone! You can tie string to them and use them as bunting or just have one on your mantelpiece. I think it's a perfect way to spice up your home.

I just wanted to add, I went for a beautiful walk this evening and I just thought it was lovely, watching the sun go down. (Even if it was half past 3!) All the fields were lit up with the glow, and I just felt like smiling. It was very odd though, as I had an extremely late lunch at 3, and then watched  the sun go down. It was a bit much for my brain to handle!

I am sorry for nattering on, I hope you get inspiration in these posts or just read them as a cure for boredom! Thanks for reading.


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