Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas, Blogmas and Chit Chat

As you know, today is the 1st of December! I am obsessed with christmas and always get overly excited. I thought I would do something really different. I will try to blog all the way up to christmas and will do a post each day, so in a way it's 'Blogmas'. You can expect different sorts of posts each day like  reviews, chit chat, advice etc.

I may miss a few days out due to family outings or just jam packed days, but I hope the posts I will do will be to your taste. Sorry this was a pretty bland post, but I have planned lots of exciting posts to do over the christmas period which will hopefully perk up your mood.

It's really hard to think about the year, It was just 'Hello 2014, goodbye 2014' Everything has just happened too fast. Thanks for reading!


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