Monday, 1 December 2014

December 1st, advent calendars and warm drinks

Yes, it's December the first. If you are a christmas freak like me, you have probably hung up your decorations and have started singing along to christmas songs that you know the words of by heart. I personally haven't been able to hang decorations up yet, due to having them in a storage base at the moment and right at the back which will lead me to hang them up in about a weeks time...sniff... I am just dying to hang them up.

I have already gone on a shopping spree and spent money on a fabulous red lipstick from loreal paris and a gorgeous new jumper and some other bath wintery luxuries from lush... yes I did have a massive splurge, I will hopefully do a haul and review when possible for you.

I get advent calendars every year, as I think it's the perfect way to count down to christmas. Even if you don't have an advent calendar, there are many DIY's out there to be creative and just make anything you like. I only do have a chocolate one, but have been desperately wanting to try a beauty one so I think next year I will have a few more purchases. At the moment as I said I have a chocolate one, but there are many other beauty brands which do them.

Such as the body shop...

And Benefit...

Have you done your christmas shopping? If you're like me, you probably go and spend all the money you have been saving up on presents and go and buy yourself those extra 'Christmas Must haves' such as a pretty red lipstick or a warm jumper. I should have planned ahead, due to now I don't have as much money...oops!

I love warm drinks this time of year, especially in the cold evenings when you're a bit dreary and need a little something to perk your mood up. I often get myself a nice large hot chocolate and top it off with whipped cream, marshmallows or anything yummy I have at that time. If you like, I could do a post on my favourite hot drinks this time of year, as I have lots of favourites, most of which I have made myself. I know this post wasn't so beauty related, but my blog is beauty, lifestyle and DIY's so please feel free to comment down below with a post or tag you would like me to do.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I love advent calendar. I made one on my blog you can check it if you'd like. You can maybe make a DIY post.


  2. I think that's a really good idea, I will attempt at making one. Your blog is so lovely, and you're so pretty!