Tuesday, 16 December 2014

La Roche-Posay 3 step Anti Blemish Kit

Recently, I have been trialling the La Roche-Posay Anti blemish kit. La Roche-Posay do very trustworthy, brilliant quality skincare. You might of seen my review on their BB cream recently. I really struggle with blemishes and get them quite a lot after or before I am expecting a spot. When La Roche-Posay released the kit, I was very surprised because they have never really done a set of items for a long term use. I was really struggling with my blemishes at that time and I thought this was a brilliant idea. I tested it over the time it suggested, which was 6 weeks which is the average sort of time a try a product.

The kit comes with 3 different products that are all trying to aim one thing, the appearance of less blemishes. To be honest I was a little hesitant at first of fear of knowing how it worked, but I trust this brand very well as I have had a good experience in the past. his kit is meant to be used twice a day, every day. It does give the supply needed for this time. You are also meant to see progress in your skin in 24Hours. Heres a little look at the kit.

1. Cleanse. It targets Excess seburm.

This product is the cleanser. It doesn't really have much of a scent which I find quite good and gives you a bit more confidence n trying it knowing that It doesn't have tons of fragrance and is pretty suitable for slightly sensitive skin. This product also doesn't contain soap, which I think is brilliant as I have very sensitive skin and I get irritated my harsh soaps on my face. At first I was unsure about this product as I didn't really see anything happen to my skin and I nearly stopped using it, but after a while I did see progress on my skin. I used this by taking a small amount and massaged it into my skin. It felt really refreshing afterwards and left my skin feeling hydrated.

2.Tone. Targets Large Pores.

This was the second step of the kit which was the toner. It didn't really have a scent either. I used this with two cotton pads and gently massaged this around my face. When it was being applied the scent smelt more sort of 'Chemically' but to be honest, it was a average toner. I do have to have something else to say though. After a while I realised m  skin getting dryer, and I am unsure what caused it to change so fast and suddenly feel dehydrated. I felt the toner may have been the cause but I am not absolutely definite. My skin did improve but did leave a few more sensitive areas of my face. This step didn't make a big improvement on my skin and left my face feeling rough and uncomfortable.

3. Correct and Hydrate. Targets Blemishes, clogged pores and marks.

This was my favourite item in the kit. I could notice a big improvement really quickly. It really hydrated my skin and left it feeling really good, and when I would wake up the next day I would see a really big improvement. My skin would look lot clearer. I also saw a massive difference in my pore size and saw that my blemishes 'Vanished' in the night.

I would purchase this in future, however I may only purchase the first and last item as I found they improved my skin the most. I am pretty happy at the moment with my skin and I'm finding it a lot easier with my blemishes. I would carry on using this as this did help my blemishes, and in al my skin. I would recommend this to people like me who have sensitive skin and are prone to blemishes and have large pores as it decreases the amount but doesn't leave your skin feeling irritated or sore.

To visit the La Roche-Posay website to browse their products, click here. This may be a pricey kit for some people, but to be honest with my outcomes it's worth it. Also click here, to purchase it. Thank you for reading.

*PR sample

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