Friday, 2 January 2015


When I say '2015', it seems like the far future but in reality, it's already January. Looking back, I remember when people thought that the world was going to end in 2000, well look at it now we're in 2015! Each year I try to give myself a few resolutions and targets, but be real honestly have you/ or someone else you've known ever reached there resolutions? If they have, well done! I am somebody who always says I will, and just gets bored or gives up.

This year I thought I would really stick to my resolutions and find a way that I would be able to stick to them, and not get bored or forget. Now the usual resolutions are usually things like; be tidier, be healthier and lose weight. As it is after the 'eating to much' period (Christmas) Where we can all admit, we ate a mince pie to many. 2015 Is a new year, a fresh start to try something new or change something.

Good luck to you all in the new year, looking back at 2014 is scary, it wasn't the best year but it wasn't the worst. Put a smile on your face and think positively. This little blog started all the way back in June 2014 and I never thought anybody would want to read it! I am so grateful for all of you who have even stopped to read a post, I am so grateful and feel very lucky to have people taking time to read it. I feel very honoured to have followers as I remember back when I first started, I never thought anybody would find this blog and look at it now! I never really started this for viewers, I started this blog as a way of sharing my passion for beauty and makeup and carried on, on days when I wasn't feeling 100%.

Thank you all so much and happy new year to everyone X


  1. I also suck at new years resolutions though this year i'm trying something new and setting specific goals instead of just saying be healthier. Good luck to you too in the new year:)

    1. I do have many specific goals and resolutions as 'Be Healthier' sums up a whole load of different things but I'm going for for the exercise part. :-) x

    2. I've never previously tried to do New Years resolutions, as I always thought of them as goals that everyone fails at. But, this year i've changed my mind and tried it. Good luck this year to you as well :D