Saturday, 3 January 2015

How to Find the Perfect Foundation Shade

Many questions relating to this subject come up, especially as the lighting in boots is not...amazing. For you who don't live in the UK, Boot's is a drugstore shop that sells anything from nappies, to medicine to beauty and makeup. It's artificial lighting can be a situation when buying new foundations, as you feel you have the perfect match, you walk outside and et home and wish you never purchased it. It's very embarrassing to wear the wrong colour foundation, and surprisingly about 80% of the people who choose to wear it, are wearing the wrong shade.

Many brands who do, do foundation don't vary their colours or have a wide range of shades. This is annoying if you are lie me, and have very pale skin or have very dark sin. Even if your skin tone is in the middle, they always seem to either have their foundations having a pink tone or an orange tone. I would say I have very pale almost yellowy skin so this is particularly difficult. Another thing is that many peoples hands are much darker than there faces for example below, this foundation looks extremely light, but in fact on my face it is to dark and orange. Never swatch them on your hand as this will get the wrong colour

How to find the perfect shade:

In the morning, look in daylight (Not artificial) and see what sort of tone your skin tone is. This will give you a rough guide to see what sort of brand you will need. I also recommend doing your makeup in daylight. I Move my mirror from my vanity to my window when applying makeup so I can make sure I don't step outside looking like an orange.

Go and loo at foundations in store, maybe do a No7 colour match. This way the light wont get the wrong colour, and you may get extra tips on your skin. Dn't worry it isn't scary! I wouldn't say that getting makeup done to see your colour is good, as Loreal once did this and I bought a colour way to dar as they were applying it on me in bad lighting so they got the colour wrong.

When at home, with a new foundation dot a small bit (In day light) in the corner of your face. If it is way to orange or too dar and you have to stick to this for a while, I recommend mixing it with a blob of moisturiser. This way it dies the colour down. If this was just a buy you would happily return, many shops do refunds. I now know that I usually match the lightest colour, so I purchase it (I don't test in the light anymore) and if it does not match I return it, keep it for future or give it to someone else.

I hope this has helped a tiny bit. I thought I may start a chatting sort of series for this blog where I share tips and tricks but in a series. If you have any short catchy name ideas, please comment below. Thank your for reading. X


  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster award!
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    Great post!

    Beth x

  2. Do you have any name of foudations that available in "ivory" or very clear skin ? I can't seem to find any..
    Great tip with the daylight, in the shop, the lights are unatural and I always end up with a too dark foundation.

    H xx

    1. Collection do an ivory one, but it comes out bright orange so I don't advice it. Rimmel london wake me up, Rimmel match perfection, Miss sporty so matte, Rimmel lasting finish and Mac studio fix NC15. Rimmel do the shade 'Ivory' in most of their foundations. Clear foundation wise, I haven' tried any yet sorry but I have tried transparent setting powders? I now Miss sporty do a collection called so clear so maybe tae a loo. I am actually on a lookout for a clear one that adapts to my skintone as I always struggle as well and they are always too dark. Good luck x

  3. Thanks for posting this, It helped me out a lot as i used to always test foundations on my hand so that is probably why i always get the wrong shade.. :)

    1. Your welcome :-) If you have any questions in future, please don't hesitate to ask as Im happy to help. x