Thursday, 15 January 2015

L'Oréal Paris True Match

Recently I have been testing the L'Oreal true match foundations, and this is going to be a review on that and the pressed powder. I get very annoyed when trying foundations, as I never seem to find the right match to my skin. I was in boots shopping with a friend, going in to by something completely different when I went to the L'Oreal counter. They had the true match collection and although I hadn't heard of this collection before, the lady at the counter recommended it and matched my skin tone.

The colour is quite good but in natural light is a bit too pink and a shade too dark. However, I think this foundation is very good quality for the price seeing as it's a drugstore brand. At £9.99 it isn't bad for the price.
 It is very good quality and is very blend able. It leaves a very airbrushed look, and a few people asked which brand it was. 

It is very smooth which many foundations don't have the texture of, so this has impressed me quite a bit. Seeing as I didn't go into Boot's especially for it, I was quite surprised that I did enjoy it. I am definitely going to go back, and pick out my right colour as it's very good just a bit too dark.

Click here, if you want to buy it.

I also bought the powder, as at the time there was a deal going on for a £30 free gift box when you spent £15 on Loreal. Now I am very fussy when it comes to powders, I don't like them being very clumpy or if I swirl my finger around, I don't want it to crumble. I was pleasantly surprised at this one. It is very smooth and is very pigmented which can also be a downside, but in this case is really good. It also comes with a built in mirror and a sponge to apply the powder, but I prefer using a brush even though the sponge was very high quality for just and add on.I couldn't find this on the boots website, so this may of been discontinued which is really disappointing. However, I did see a powder which looked the same thing so if you would like to check it out, Click here.

I am very pleased with the true match range, I do recommend it if you are searching for something new. The foundation has medium coverage so it covers up imperfections but doesn't look cakey.
Sorry this post is really late, I have some more interesting posts coming soon. Thank you for reading. X


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