Friday, 27 February 2015

Fab Friday | 27th February

I hope you had a good week, I'm very sorry I wasn't able to upload a review. One reason is that, I've tried to have a cut down spending wise so I haven't been able to try new products Another reason, is that I have been helping  a member of my family the past week as they are ill and need an extra hand for help. Hopefully the upcoming week will be better although, I am going away this weekend and then going away the following week! 

I'm so sorry about the posts, I will hopefully be able to more exciting posts. I will also become more active on my instagram account so you can keep updated on whats going on there, if you want to have a little look on my instagram, the link is in the contact us page otherwise, click here.

I have had a clear day today as nothing really was going on except for in the morning, so I am sitting down to a movie and Pizza later so maybe that will perk me up a bit! Sorry this is a short post I'm not feeling 100%.

I had a question the other day about if I had Facebook/twitter, I have been debating about getting it but If I do decide to I will definitely give the links. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


  1. aww you're so truthful and honest, I hope the ill family member gets better soon x
    ~basicallychloe xx

    1. Thank you ) Hope you had a nice half term holiday X

  2. Great blog, I like it <3

  3. I nominated you for the leibster blog award xxxx