Monday, 20 April 2015

Birthday Post

So as you probably know, (With all my rambling in previous posts.) it was my birthday the other day, and unknown to me how I was going to spend it I got very nervous and excited. Thank you very much for wishing me a happy be-lated birthday :) I had an amazing day,  just chilling out with family and then went out for dinner in the late evening. I didn't manage to get much photos as I didn't have many things to get pictures of an the pictures were taken with a phone, so please bare with the quality! I do have a couple which I will put below.

We did a few activities in the morning which I was unknown of till that morning, and then had a gorgeous picnic with children's party styled snack foods and a couple of nice drinks. It was a lovely sunny day which is a big surprise seeing as this is the UK, and most English weather is revolting.

Here is a blinding picture picture of the sun, just to show you how beautiful it was! I had a very relaxed day but we did mainly work around the restaurants reservation time we booked. We headed to the restaurant at 8:30 ish, and had a long wait as it was very busy, but when our meals arrived they were delicious.

The pizza above wasn't mine as I had actually started eating mine when I thought about taking a picture of it, so this is actually my sisters pizza and a little shot of my sisters finger!
The meal was wonderful, and when we got home a few hours later I cut my cake which I'm sorry I didn't get an image of and gobbled a whole slice!

 I went shopping with a friend yesterday just to spend birthday money, and ended up spending way over what I thought I would have spent... Gulp! I did head into lush and may have a bought a few too many things, I also did go to the benefit counter to purchase the hello flawless foundation as I had a tried a mini sample of it I had gotten for my birthday in the benefit 'How to be the best at everything Kit' which you can purchase here as it's an amazing way to test different facial products benefit sell. Anyway, I had tried the foundation that day and already loved it. I did put the link to the light kit, as that is the exact kit I used but if you search on their website there are the 2 other shades. I will be doing a review on that foundation soon though.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm sorry for the small amount of photos but hopefully you enjoyed it. Thank you very much for reading. X


  1. Amazing post! I know its a bit late, but head on over to my blog where I did a special thing for you! xoxo

    1. Thank you! X I will definitely head over to your blog, I do all the time! :)

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear FabulousThings2Try, happy birthday to you! ;)

    - Lexie

  3. Happy (late) birthday! I wish you get some great presents!! :)

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