Wednesday, 1 April 2015

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick Review

Happy April Fools! I am finally doing another review and this is a product that caught my eye. It is the first ever purchase that I have got from NYX, so it was interesting to find a little bit about the brand and what I think of the quality. I know you want to find out about the lipstick so I shall stop rambling on...

I really love the style of the packaging, it's very sleek and neat but looks very attractive. One thing that the lipstick does perfectly is live up to it's name. It is definitely sparkly and in the light while worn, it has an almost metallic look.

I did do a swatch for this, as I just thought you had to see it! It is very pigmented, and has a lot of glitter throughout which is what gives it the very extraordinary look which i've never seen before! The feel of it isn't too bad, the amount of glitter does give it a sort of sandy feel on the lips, but the overall texture is quite buttery.

The colour is one of many available, the shade is DS 16 'Sparkling Orange'. I really like the shade as it is much like a coral, so it's very wearable during the springtime.

It's very hard to sum it up to a texture, as it stays on the lips for quite a few hours but has a shiny glow. I do think it's a very flattering colour and would suit most skin tones. There is also a lot of other colours in this range which are available on the NYX website here.

 For the price of £6 it's very good and it's currently on sale for half the price. I do recommend this lipstick if you are looking for a drugstore makeup brand which has a fantastic range of colours and textures. I hope that the people who are currently having the easter holidays are enjoying them! Thank you for reading :)

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