Thursday, 23 April 2015

Smooch Blusher Review

I have had some recent news that my M.A.C order has been dispatched, (Yay!) so I am trying to be patient and take my mind of it by doing other things. I'm trying to upload posts a bit more regularly and as I constantly have things I want to tell you, it's just as well! So today as you can tell I am doing a review on two other items sold by smooch which are both blushers. Now smooch isn't a very well known brand, but to be honest I think it should be more well known as the quality is quite good for the price.

The packaging, is much like it's cousin the bronzer which I have reviewed before but is smaller and looks a lot like the Nars packaging. It again, has a very buttery smooth texture on the packaging but also has the downside of fingerprint marks.
This first Blusher is in the colour 'Cookie Crumble' and this blush is as good as the name. This has a very natural peachy, corally colour and gives a very natural glow. It does have glitter in it, and even though I have just said how 'natural' looking in the pan it does look quite shimmery but as soon as applied, it's immediately very natural and you look you have a natural flush. You can build it up if you want it to be a bit bolder though but I prefer it natural for every day. This is probably my favourite blusher at the moment.

This next blusher is called 'Peachy' and I would definitely say it is a peachy but is a little bit pinker than Cookie Crumble. It has two shades combined, one lighter pink and a more salmony shade. I think it looks really natural when the two colours are applied at once. I usually just do a sweep of it just above my bronzer and it gives a lovely glow to my face and really lights it up. I would say that when I move my brush around there seems to be less fallout then Cookie Crumble but probably as it has barely any shimmer in it what so ever.
I do recommend you do try both of these blushers, smooch's website is still under going surgery (Not really, but it's being changed!) but you can still find smooch's products on amazon and other cosmetic websites. Thank you very much for reading :)

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