Thursday, 16 April 2015

Smooch Bronzer Review + Birthday Suprise

Good Morning! It will be my birthday on April 18th, and i keep receiving cards in the post. I left my birthday in my family's hands so have no clue where or what we will be doing! I will try to take some images if I can even if they are on my phone as it (Hopefully) will be interesting for you! 

So changing the subject completely, there is a brand called smooch which I have been trying recently, as they sell makeup which is very affordable. There websites currently being changed but I will give the link to where you can purchase their products. I recently was searching for a new bronzer as not many have impressed me, they're either bright orange or too red toned. It's as hard to find a good bronzer as a foundation!

Now, I do want to mention their packaging. It's very sleek and feels like a high end brands. It has a very buttery smooth finish on the packaging, the only thing is it does pick up fingerprint marks quite well! This gorgeous product is in the colour 'Tan Queenie' and has a ver natural glow without being to harsh or too pigmented. When using a brush against the product, their is no fallout as the formula of the bronzer is very refined and creamy. It's a very subtle colour and doesn't include much shimmer so gives a natural bronzed look.

I have been using it everyday as it's perfect for a natural look but you can also build it up for more of an extreme look. It actually comes with a handy brush, though I just used the real techniques contour brush instead as I prefer using my own brush, but this may be helpful for others. It also comes with a mirror so you can take it on the go and through it in your bag.

It also does have a good stay and doesn't fade through out the day. If you would like to purchase any smooch products, click here. Hopefully their new website will be done soon so I can give you a link to that.  I will be doing more smooch reviews to do so I hope you won't get bored of them! Thank you very much for reading :)

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  1. hope you enjoy your birthday! and this looks like a good product to buy! love your reviews as usual! keep it up!
    ~basicallychloe xx
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x

  2. Happy belated birthday :) I adore this bronzer, but I'm never done changing it haha x

  3. Belated happy birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    Is Smooch a new brand? Never heard about them but that bronzer looks so nice!
    Must try it!
    Great post!

    Much love

  4. You makeup on Birthday is superb. I am also gona try these Makeup for my Girlfriend Birthday