Saturday, 30 May 2015

Naked palette dupe? Shopathon!

Howdy! Whats been happening in your holidays lately? Nothing much for me, though today I went with a friend shopping and ended up seriously damaging my purse with purchasing a few to many products... Oops! Is it just me, that when I go shopping and end up in a makeup shop I just want to try and swatch everything, and when I walk out I have half the shop swatched on my hand! I ended up putting everything I liked the look off in my basket, and by the end I was weighed down and had the big "Do I really need this?" debate with everything.

I will hopefully be reviewing most of the products I bought, I found a brand I had never heard before that I bought 3 of there products and there eyeshadows were super pigmented, I have swatched the naked palette before and this cheap unknown brand in the deep shelves of superdrug (This is a makeup shop if you don't live in the UK, the name is odd I know!)  was literally the same pigmentation? Isn't that crazy! So I did buy a palette of theres.

I am just going to do a very quick review quickly as I have been trying a product that was sent to me, and have been really enjoying it and I'm sure I have worn it nearly every time I've worn makeup. I also want to mention.... I have really hard skin to find foundation as nearly everything is too dark for me! I finally found a foundation that is perfect and went and bought a full-size on the day I tried a sample of it... I know what your thinking, but it was brilliant. It was the benefit Hello Flawless in the lightest shade. I am obsessed with it and something I do love about it is that it doesn't block my pores much so haven't developed more spots.

So here is the product! Another W7 one I know I promise my heart that none of my w7 reviews are sponsored! This looks lots like the naked palette but isn't really much like it. I have been trying lots of naked dupes as I'm on a makeup mission to find a perfect eyeshadow palette to use instead of spending lots of money on a eye palette.

The pigmentation isn't superb, or anything to gasp and be like "My world has changed because of these eyeshadows! I feel like a different person!" There are lots of different colours and vary in finishes but are mostly sparkly, I really like the colours as there is a variety, and the palette comes with a good brush which I have used to do more precise eyeshadows. To be honest I love this palette, yes the pigmentation isn't amazing but the good thing is it's very blend able and looks amazing as a smokey eye! The colours are probably my favourite thing and even if I was in the shops and saw this, I would have bought this as it's so booyootiful!

I just have to show you the inside as the colours are so damn pretty!
Woah big Picture! It's just so pretty and I love it to bits, you can see the little brush as well and it has 2 sides which is quite useful. The good thing about this palette, is the range of nude and more extreme colours so you can do exciting smokey eyes as well as everyday. The shades do also have some funny names as well which cheers me up in the early hours of the morning! I have been trying really different looks so will definitely do some makeup looks as I'm obsessed with the palette. (Seriously, there is no exaggeration there!) Check W7's website out here, to order there products and to find a store near you that sells these angels! Also check out there Twitter here, If you don't know yet I have a twitter and I tweet often so check me out here!

I just want you to know, how much I appreciate you and even when you leave a comment it makes me have more confidence to post more. To be honest with you, I feel really bad that I cant please people and I feel a bit like a failure, I don't really know what posts you like and if my posts are a bit repetitive? Please let me know so I can make you happy :) I love you more than chocolate.(Thats really saying something!)Thank you, you wonderful person you are special and beautiful in your unique way! Stay Fabulous,

*PR Sample

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  1. Hi! - Just wanted to comment to say I love your blog :) I have read a few of your posts and they are worded very nicely and makes me want to buy what you have reviewed haha!
    Keep doing what your doing :)
    Love; xxxx