Friday, 17 July 2015

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation | Review

I am always on the search for good foundations, but it is extremely and I say 'extremely' difficult to find one that doesn't cake or make skin look like you've put your face in a pot of fries. I have even tried foundations in the past which have made me look like a shedding snake.... not a good look. This foundation, has been pretty good. I have used it through periods where my skin was very dry and was flaky around the nose area. (Eww tmi!) And also when when was face had pretty oily stages.

I got the Hello Flawless' foundation in a little sample in a kit which I received for my birthday and it gave me a chance to try lots of different items. I tested it out for one day (The day after my birthday) and luckily, on this day I was going shopping with a lovely friend of mine so I asked if we could use our time to go to the benefit counter.

Long story short, I ended up buying this foundation for a bit more then expected as I couldn't see a price tag on the shelf and too be honest, I am a very nervous person so I didn't end up asking the price! But once I had bought it, I realised it's worth so much more than the price.

The foundation is an amazing product, it is the first ever yellow/olive toned foundation and in this product, benefit sell a huge range of colours which is great as many brands bring out 2-3 colours and think it'll match everyone whereas benefit have obviously thought carefully and put time into making lots of shades and formulas.

This does live up to it's name, it's a very flawless almost velvet finish but it's extremely blend able so is perfect for everyday use. It my skin feel very soft and evens out the combinations of oily and dehydrated skin to a gorgeous flawless base. This is a product which I don't think it has enough praise, as I think it would work for most skin types.

Now, you can't see the shade in the picture but I mean, pictures are pictures. Even in natural light the colours don't always show up. It looks orange here, but trust me it's a very pale yellow toned foundation. They also do pink toned foundations, and darker foundations so they vary for any skin.
It retails at £26.50 but may vary store, by store. It's incredible and a bit more than what I'd usually pay for a foundation, but it's totally worth it. You can pick it up at benefit counters/stores but I also think Boots may have started selling a few benefit items which I am very pleased about! With big hugs x

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