Friday, 28 August 2015

Beauty is in the eye... of everyone

So.... I'm back! Sorry I've been away on a gorgeously sunny 10 days abroad with family, while eating many different meals and swimming for hours and hours! As this was y first proper holiday in around 8 years, I decided to be internet free and really relax although I very much missed the blogsphere! No more, searching breakfast ideas on pinterest... *Sad Face* But as I'm back I can start getting into the swing of things again!

Today I wanted to talk about more of a touchy subject, something that has been brought up lots of times and always is very hard to discuss with everyone. I personally think, we all are very conscious of our bodies and our appearance as society has pinned humans down into the perfect male and female, and as this is advertised we feel like we have to live up to the expectations as shown. But in real life, it is very difficult. As a girl, who has been bullied for nearly all my life I can relate slightly in the fact that I have been hurt very badly, and called names. The fact is, it's really hard to accept but we see ourselves as what people tell us. When I was very little, I never used to care on my appearance. I was a happy, healthy little girl and didn't really realise what 'beauty' was and I didn't seem to care. Which made me think quite deeply.

We all feel like no matter what we do, we won't please everyone. When I started to get bullied, I did nothing. I shed tears in the corner of my room and talked to people, people I trusted and knew would help. Though my appearance was nothing I could change, I wore glasses and would get majorly teased so to try to solve this I tried contacts and when I realised I found them way to difficult I gave up. I tried makeup, but just got told I wore too much and so resorted to nothing. Getting told that my eyes were too small and lips too big. The thing is, something quite noticeable now to me is that we don't need to be stick thin with long hair to be beautiful. We're all beautiful. When I see people, I see there personalities and inside we all have the ability to be kind and happy.

To this day I wear glasses, I wear makeup and I don't wear makeup some days. What I'm trying to say is, be you. Whoever 'You' is be it and flaunt it. Wether the real 'you' is dying your hair like a rainbow (I think thats pretty cool!) or giving yourself the extra bit of confidence with makeup just do what you want and you'll realise some day, that it doesn't matter. we all are beautiful in a unique and special way and I'm sorry this is a long post.... oops! I just had to have a bit of a rant. I don't have any confidence, but what I do have is my personality and that seems to please enough people to make me feel happy. Just do things to your appearance that you want and don't do it for anyone else but yourself. I love you very much, stay beautiful xxx

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  1. Wow, this post is utterly amazing, so well-written and thoughtful.