Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Short update | Feeling Down, Holiday's and no internet!

Where have I been? I ask myself... Well, I've been more depressed recently and have gotten into a buildup of stress and sadness. But enough about me, I do look at my blog and twitter everyday, no matter what mood I'm in and I still feel a spark of joy at the fact that I can share my life with you. I am going to be away for a couple of weeks ahead, so won't be able to check the web (Cry's) Yes, I may be addicted! but as I'm going away, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you do for me and your comments make me love you a million times more! I hope you've been enjoying your holiday's so far, I will be doing a boots haul (Yes I know it's about a month late....Sorry) but I will still be doing it! Love you so much, bye my beautiful bunnies! xxx

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