Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Soap and Glory | Haul, Review and Randomness...

Howdy beautiful!
So I have been promising that haul for a long time now, and if you are a bit like 'Gal What in the lipstick are you talking about?' Then I'm sorry and did have a shopping trip a while ago where I bought some amazing products. I have been trying them out for a while now so I can go into a bit of a in depth review and thoughts on them. I have had a few products which I have had a 'Love at first sight' and has lived up to my expectations. I won't be showing everything I bought, as I may leave it for a separate blog post dedicated to it as I think it needs it! This is all soap and glory stuff I will be showing, but I bought 3 other items but as I said I can feature them in a different post. Just a quick disclaimer to those who are slightly curious, I bought all of this myself on one of these shopping sprees that I have a bit too often!

So I will get into it, before another month passes..... It is terrifying to think it's the 22nd already, I'm just still recovering from major shock of that and the fact that a huge crane-fly was in my bedroom yesterday, and I hope someone can relate to me with Arachnophobia.... bleugh spiders... but I mean, without them, fly's would be everywhere which Is a disgusting thought!

So... I will get on with it. The photos were taken a while ago, so before I had used the products properly but I usually do take them prior to me trying them to get images of how they really look before worn out!

My favourite item, has to be the smoothie star breakfast scrub. The scent brings back memories of childhood breakfasts with a soothing scent of honey and oats and all things amazing. I am not keen on honey, but the scent with the sugar and shea is absolutely I cant describe it... Heavenly! This has to be the best scrub I've used so far and is so good at scrubbing all the top layers of skin and leaving a smooth, refreshed but moisturised skin and is just my life! It retails for around £8, but can vary store to store. At the time there was a deal nationwide, which was if you spend over £10 on soap and glory you get a free righteous body butter worth £10! Which is an awesome deal so I totally went for it, and made sure to get it! It is more than worth it, I just will have a look to see if it's still running... Ok, I don't think it's running anymore sadly, but I really hope that you were able to get hold of the deal while it was running and if you weren't I'm extremely sorry but don't worry, there will be another one some day!

The righteous body butter... this is incredible, and I know I have said this to the scrub but it smells a little more fragrant, like a perfume, vanilla sort of scent. For both products I have to say it smelt so good to eat! But do not eat it! The body butter is amazingly moisturising and is more a heavy duty, moisturiser and I use it nearly everyday. After going abroad in the summer, I got a very lovely golden tan. (I envy those with skin tones that are tanned and are naturally dark! I think it's absolutely gorgeous.) I have more dried skin in the summer, more so than winter due to the fact the sun is rather drying to skin but this body butter was my go to everyday, and still is. Perfect for rehydrating your skin and I recommend it to dry skinned people, like myself sometimes. Though if you have sensitive skin, I would be careful as some soap and glory products, to make them smell heavenly may have products that could be unsuitable for your skin type so thats one thing to think of,  but I really do recommend this.

The final product, is the skin food of course. It smells heavenly again... but more alike to marshmallows and wintery days in with vanilla, marshmallowy glowing scent. I love this hand cream, the scent is amazing, it lives up to its name and really hydrates your hands although I find it can take a little while to get past the greasy stage but once applied, keeps hands soft for a little over an hour, which is amazing. This was £2.50, but then again may vary store to store.

So it's now 12:12 pm so I will go and get some lunch as Im sat with my cat on my feet and tummy rumbling...! Thank you for reading and give yourself a pat on the back if you read all the way to the end! Thank you so much, ciao! Xxx

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