Thursday, 19 November 2015

Benefit Porefessional | Review

I am sure many of you will have already heard of this product, the holy grail saviour of bad skin days and the skin perfecter on days where you feel happy your skin is on your side to not need foundation. I have been using it for nearly 1 year now, and the first time I did try it I was unsure wether the hype was really honest and wether it would live up to it's claims. As you will know, many products can give false claims as marketing supporters but I think this is a product which does live up to it's claims and it works very well, indeed.

Just had to add an autumnal picture of some flowers I have, because why not! It makes this miserable, rainy weather seem non existent! If you have not yet tried the porefessional, I will give you some reasons why you should and also some reasons why it may not be suitable for you!

The porefessional is a miracle in a tube, it evens out your skin and just like after shaving your legs, you want to make everyone touch your face to show how gorgeously soft it is! I... Haven't done that.... (Ok.... I have, but only a couple of times!) It looks a very orangey colour, but don't be scared it's just the formula itself and glides to your skin tone. It's a gel, mainly silicone based which I know is not the best for your skin, but as a primer unless you're avoiding silicone based products, shouldn't be bad.

On day's where I wake up feeling happy about my skin, (Very Rarely!) I just add a touch of this and it instantly makes my face look brighter, more youthful and soft as a baby's bottom. This is the product that made my favourite makeup brand Benefit, it's incredible and a positive Must Have! I started with a sample that I used up very quickly, and now repurchase this. I do regret not doing a post earlier, as this is a product I've been loving but life is life and what can you do!

Although it's not something to drool over, I do think packaging does catch your eye more than you think it does, and I bought this for the claims but I have to admit it is very well presented, with a baby/mint blue it does catch your eye! And now I come to my last word... For you university students with little money, or if you're watching the pennies then this can be a little splurge of your pocket, but I do think it's worth it. You can now purchase some benefit products in shops other than department stores which I'm very pleased about!

I hope you have a good day, although it is rainy here in the Uk let's just all hide in neon pocket coats together, Nobody can see you in the grey weather anyway! As always... Stay Beautiful my lovelies Xx

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