Friday, 13 November 2015

Updated | Loreal True Match Foundation Review

Yes, you're right I have done one of these before! The previous review, was for the older version of their foundation which was not the best match for my skin tone (At all....) and it was a lot thicker in consitency... but I will get into the review as it's recently been re-formulised and I have a lot to say!

As you can see, the packaging is a lot swisher and to be honest I really can't decide which one I prefer! Although the new version, is sleek, modern and very appealing to people. Finally, I picked up a colour that matched y skin tone. Its in Ivory or golden ivory but it is more than perfect and is my life.

The texture of the foundation is much more silky, natural and thinner and is very good to glide on the skin and give a natural and velvety soft finish so they still have that gorgeous velvety feel, just is lot thinner in consistency and is much easier to blend just as it claims which is a plus!

When it says it matches skin, it does... if you get the right colour! I was lucky enough to pick up my perfect colour, but I am quite unsure about that claim unless you get your right colour! I do believ it matches your skin tone, but it also does give a softer feel than natural skin but in a way that it eels like skin and not foundation. I use about 1-2 pumps depending on the day, as 1 pump is enough to glide over my face but obviously it varies person to person if you like a more built up coverage or not.

I do prefer the updated version to the old one, I found that the old one could quickly become cakey but now it is rare to become cakey and it's stunning on any skin. As you may know, I loved the Nude magique by Loreal and I am extremely sad to say I do think they discontinued it, although my disappointment! I found that foundation the closest to skin I've ever used, and used it on my clients as I started doing basic freelance makeup artistry. Everybody I used it on, loved it and luckily still have a bottle left as it matched every skin tone so I just had to carry around 1 foundation!

By the way, the swatch I did is more than you'd need to use for about 3 faces! I just used a lot for swatch purposes so you could see the colour so I don't recommend using that much! :)

I do really have this on my favourite foundations list, after the nude magique due to the same qualities. I would say it has slightly more coverage and would be good for people with acne or more blemishes. I do love this foundation, and I am hoping to use it in future for clients as I think they'd love it as much as I do! Overall, I say 'go and buy it!' I hope you all have a Fabulous friday ;) and an amazing weekend whatever you do. I do want to know, if you want me to start doing blog posts including more about my life almost a bit like a daily blog post for things I do on days where I am not being bored or lazy!

Thank you so much for reading, and well done if you read to the end and if not I completely respect you but I hope you have got my overall thoughts as this is really and I say REALLY worth buying!

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