Thursday, 12 November 2015

Winter Warming Tomato Soup

So, I havent posted in about 2 months... I cant describe it. I have no excuses, nothing to really say except I needed a bit of a break! Stress can get to you, but Look! I'm back, and to apologise for the lack of posts `I will be uploading regular and better posts for you :) Something which I am excited for and hope you will like, and if not feel free to say what you are interested in me doing!

Todays post is a soup that actually is a recipe I made, and I've made it twice before and not to say mysellf, but my family really liked it. In fact they told me to make it again! Its a vegetarian tomato soup, and as a family with two meat lovers you'd think they would hate it but they loved it and I'm very pleased. It is pretty good for a lunch or dinner, but either way is a meal that is perfect for the not so pleasant cold weather that's coming!

Anyway, lets get started!

Serves 4 portions (With leftovers!)
You Will Need:
- 2 Cartons/tins of Chopped tomatoes
-Garlic puree or a couple of garlic cloves
-Tomato puree
-1/2 a cup of Grated cheese of choice (I used medium strength as I'm not a cheese fan!)
-Salt and pepper (Season to your preference)
-2 Stock cubes
-Mixed Herbs
- Sun dried tomatoes
- (Now this'll sound gross, but trust me) 1tsp of Ketchup (I hate ketchup but It helps the flavours.)

I recommend before you start, that you prepare the stock and ingredients as to be honest, it saves mess and stops you getting stressed and confused! I did make and take these photos in the evening, so Im sorry for the quality!

 So, I just used vegetable stock but I tried it with chicken stock and it had a different flavour but worked the same. Just choose whatever you fancy or have in the house! This recipe is a relaxed sort of, whatever you have in your house recipe as you can tell! I do think vegetable stock was tastier in my opinion, but I'm not a fan of meat.
I followed the instructions, so I used 380ml of water against 2 stock cubes. Just use a fork to stir it and get rid of any not so pleasant lumps! Make sure to use a heat proof container, This is the time to get your very handy pyrex jugs out!

I started off by then, on a medium heat, mixing the chopped tomatoes with a tiny sprinkle of sugar and brought that to a slow simmer. I then added the tomato and garlic puree, and continued leaving it to a simmer.

I added a bit of cheese, every now and again the the soup but gradually used it all up.
 I despise cheese... a lot! But this really does bring out the flavour and is a good way of getting extra calcium!

I then added the stock, now don't worry if it looks too watery, don't go adding more of anything as thats a recipe for a disaster. It'll slowly, but progressively get thicker and its consistency will dramatically change. Season to your desire! I then added the sun dried tomatoes, which I do have to say look absolutely rank but you will have to trust me, they don't in no way taste as bad as they look!

Yup... they look gross!

 I then added the ketchup, mixed herbs and gave it a good ol' stirr before putting a lid on it and leaving it for around 10 minutes while having the heat on low.

No, it will look lumpy but once you have taken it off the heat, you will blend, blend, BLEND!!! I do recommend using a hand blender, but that is as I have once had a traumatic experience with a big blender with boiling liquid... Maybe I'll tell you that another time! I poured it into a large plastic jug, that came with the half blender and due to the maximum capacity, did half at a time of the soup and then poured it into a large jug ready to eat :)

Serve straight after it is done, or refrigerate until heating it in the microwave or in a pan for enough time for it to be hot and delicious!

I hope you enjoyed this post, It was a little hassle, but really enjoyed making the soup and have been encouraged to make it again by my family. I personally enjoyed it, and I hope if you try it you will too.

I love you so much and thank you for the continuous support when I'm stressed and have a hard time :) You are amazingly kind and I can't believe everything you've done for me, helping me get through the bad times and making me smile. As always, stay beautiful :) Xxx

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