Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Benefit Eyeshadows | Review

I didn't mean to have such a lack of posts at all, Thank you for your supportive comments as I feel very loved and want you to know that I see this community as a family and a place you can go to talk. I am here for you as you are for me, and as always... Here I go down the soppy route but I honestly love you so much and can't imagine my life without this blog and you. 

So, I am hoping to do a post around christmas day to give a BlogBlast of what I get up to at christmas asI thought it'd be a little more special and enjoyable to read? 

 Now, a little shout out to my aunt, if you're reading this, thank you very much for giving these she is a wonderful person, and is extremely beautiful. Anyway, as you may know benefit is my current favourite brand as I feel that the quality is exceptional and I have been loving every product I own by them.

These eyeshadows, are in the colours 'soft shoulder' and 'getaway' which are both gorgeous brown shades, one soft shoulder being more red toned with a hint of copper and getaway being a dark, red toned brown. The combination is gorgeous and I have been loving it with a nude lip or a darker berry colour especially the Topshop one in burgandy (You can check a review out here, as why I love it so dearly!) 

On its own, the formula is very refined and gives a creamy yet matte and very opaque look which looks amazing on its own, but for more of the glam look can look great layered over a sparkling gold cream eyeshadow. 

Left-Getaway   Right-Soft Shoulder

I generally love these, and again thank you very much to my Aunt and I'm sure she know's who she is! Anyway, I will update you all with a new post soon, stay beautiful! Xx

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