Monday, 14 December 2015

Better than a Beauty Blender? | Review

If someone was to ask me my favourite tool, aside brushes, I would immediately probably embarrassingly yell 'Power puff!'. It is the best, maybe even better dupe for the beauty blender. I use them on myself, on clients and everyone has loved it. The natural looks look immediately naturally flawless, the everyday skin looks perfect and the extreme makeup is applied with the dab of this miracle sponge. I have too admit, I use it on the daily and the first time I got sent one, I was a bit sort of hesitant due to the fact that all the ones I had tried prior had been a bit of a waste of time, and to put it blunt were just crap. W7, my highly raved about and one of my favourite brands released two shapes for the sponges, the traditional well known egg point shape, and a sort of tiered looking one which is almost an hourglass, shape. They both have amazing benefits and properties to them that other brands haven't before, so before I start rambling I shall jump into the review!
Sorry for the gleaming photo, it was rather sunny on the day I took the picture (A big surprise!) I have a number of reasons why these are a ton better then other dupes and beauty blender itself, as trust me I have a lot of reasons! The texture, is a lot different and a plus is the fact it's latex free which Is a big benefit for those who are staying away from latex for whatever reasons, It is extremely holey (sounds odd!) but the actual sponge fibres are very compressed but there are many of them which  does ensure a really good blended finish, without the patchiness that a different sponge would. Now one thing I must admit I was slightly unsure about, was if it would soak up all the product while applying it to the face, as the texture feels very different to an artificial or plastic based sponge, it does pick up a little bit of product, but then it sponges it back on to the face and It's how it gets an even coverage all over for the coverage being the same, which does stop patchiness etc.

From afar, the sponges do look very enclosed but when you do look closely you do realise their extremely good quality. If you are a little confused or stuck on how to wash these, I can do a separate post about the cleaning process which really isn't hard to do at all.

I have been using this daily, I run it under warm water for about 30 seconds to expand it (It expands a lot!) and then sponge it onto my face, I vary methods of foundation application wether I dip the sponge in foundation then apply, or onto a fresh face with the makeup spotted on already. If there is one thing you go away from this post with, it's that you should consider purchasing this beauty as it is a must, and a big love/part of makeup routine for daily basis so I highly recommend it. As always, these are my 100% honest thoughts and opinions and nothing has effected them. :) You can find these sponges at Xtra's, Asda, W7 beauty outlets, selected tk max and next stores plus more. If you type 'W7 power puff' online, there are many places to purchase these and go on, why not? Early christmas present to self?

These are extremely cheap, and affordable as always as W7 is an affordable but amazing quality brand, yes such thing does exist! They sell for around £3-£5 and are around a 1/4 of the price of a beauty blender, and I do think they are a lot better from what I've heard of beauty blenders.
As always, stay beautiful and keep smiling Xx

*Press Sample-This does not effect my views in any way :)


  1. Nice review @Fabulous things 2 try, I don't use this but your recommendation I will try.

    1. I recommend you do :) I have been using it in my freelancing work, and I've only received good things about it. Thank you for reading it! Xx