Tuesday, 1 December 2015

#FeelGoodFeelFab The Perfect Woman?

I was meaning this post to be about my huge benefit haul the other week, (Don't worry, it's still coming soon!) But I was feeling rather emotional today and thought I'd do more of a personal post to share my thoughts casually. So grab a mug of coffee, or lemsip if you have a cold (They're a pain!) and snuggle in your warmest festive jumper (If you're like me and don't own one, then an adorable fluffy robe will do!)

The way society has developed over the years, is a dramatic change say comparing it to the 50's and even just early 2000's. The image of the 'Suitable' woman and girl has a specific image shown all over the gradually expanding social media which gives girls all ages the pressure to be perfect. Men also have pressure to follow a certain stereotype, but as a girl I can talk as what i've experienced. The majority of us are scared to be and express our true personalities due to the fact that you feel judged constantly. I used to be afraid of the choices I made with clothing, Im still very aware of what I wear and if society will 'accept' me. You can never please everyone, but just make sure you feel pleased yourself and to be blunt, don't give a crap what anyone else thinks! Seeing people express who they are, through clothing is really refreshing and amazing to see. Sadly, including myself not all of us have the confidence to flaunt who we are and it's upsetting due to the fact we should feel comfortable in our skin and bodies. You'll only have one body ever in your life, so accept that you are unique and most of all, accept yourself.

"You can never please everyone, but just make sure you feel pleased yourself."

Don't put yourself down, don't be influenced by other people comments on how you see your body. I don't love my body, I may not like it until I'm old and grey, but whatever age, size and shape you are unique and uniqueness, is beautiful. (Yes, uniqueness is a word although it sounds fake!)  Their is no, nil and nadumante such thing as the 'Perfect woman' so just do whatever makes you confident in your skin and if thats self tanning, to just painting your nails, go ahead. Be happy, and most importantly be yourself. For this post I thought I'd make a hash tag for you to use, wether its a selfie or just a casual post. This post is all about flaunting it, being you and being the fabulous person you are so if you want to, use #FeelGoodFeelFab then feel free and I would love to check out the hash tag being used on any social platform. You are amazing and beautiful, stay safe and stay beautiful Xx

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