Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sunday, Sunday, Someday... | 13th December

Sunday, already! Sadly a miserable, (Too negative, I need to brighten up!) maybe eventful monday is coming up and I must admit I am not looking forward to the early start, feeling as if it's midnight at the dark black morning approaches. And the whole series about getting dressed, I'm sure you've all had the same thing of cocooning into a duvet and wishing we'd wakeup to a sunny saturday morning... sadly, it isn't going to happen! As much as we'd all love to stay in bed and be all warm and cosy, we need to get up and carry on with our lives as aint no weather going to stop us from being fabulous! (A bit sassy!) I'm sorry my latest posts have consisted of many reviews and life related topics, it is a little hard to know what you are interested in and so  have been slightly repetitive and I am very sorry about it! If you have an any extra time, I would love it if you could comment below telling me what sort of topics etc you're interested in and I would be happy to give you a more interesting selection of posts! 

I will be uploading much more often, I promise and hopefully they will be a little better! Tomorrow, to brighten up the day I will be uploading the benefit haul post I've been talking about... and there are some amazing products which I have been using for a few weeks now, and amongst them I have gathered... quite a few favourites! This is all for now, sorry for the quick post but the upcoming week will make up for it all. Keep being amazing, Xxx

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