Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I am fake?!

Happy new year! I hope you had a wonderful christmas and start to 2016, the year which I feel is non existent... After vividly remember what seems like a day ago, was a decade ago it is truly terrifying! Today is a bit of a ramble, after a very eventful day of panic attacks and a lot of unnecessary deep thinking! I really wish I didn't have to do this post, but I do think it is nessacary although I have spoken about it before.

Its a bit hypocritical of me to say 'Feel comfortable in your skin!', 'Love yourself' seeing as my own self esteem is non existent! PPublic situations drive me down a million roads of worries and panic attacks and I cant get over the fact that I feel constantly judged by society. When I was a child, I had no real pressure at all on who I was or what I wore, due to the fact that there wasn't social media or any other dramatic internet viral-ism of what was seen as ideal. I wore what I wanted to, loved being myself and pretty much flaunted it! 

The real pressure hit in, years after being bullied or called fat, ugly, weird. I didn't trust a word people said, but as soon as social media was a lot more popular, I started seeing images of completely fake, altered and photoshopped pictures of models who were already beautiful but were photoshopped to an alien type body, smooth pore less skin, no tummy etc. I started thinking that these were idols, these were my goals and who I needed to be and look like without realising its not healthy, possible or fun. 

If there is one thing I wish I could tell everybody in the world, especially those exposed to all types of social media, is that you are human. You have a life to live in anyway you like, you're gorgeous and talented, more powerful then you'll ever realise and no matter your size, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour etc... You are beautiful, you are a living creature a blooming flower gradually becoming wiser, prettier and don't waste the life you have the chance for you to follow your dreams and succeed. Instead of dreaming a dream, achieve the dream. Don't think ahead of what may come, but what is happening and how you can solve situations. Sometimes you need to think to yourself, you only live once in this life, so why not? What may happen if you don't? Trust your instinct as the human brain is extremely smart and has come up with cures for illnesses, written the best novels and gone further than earth. We all, as humans have our ups and downs, including celebrities, presidents, the queen etc. But we need them to really appreciate the ups and what we can do and explore in life. There will always, always be people in a worse or better situation than yourself but don't judge yourself to others, as there is only one of you and of those. Don't waste life copying people as you could be something better, yourself! I hope this was not too boring or long... I do tend to ramble, but after a bad day I felt the need to express deep and personal emotions as together we can help each other to achieve the best we can in life and be happy.

Thank you for reading and especially well done if you reached the long, extended ending! I love you so much, stay beautiful! Xx

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