Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New Look Sportswear Release

Before Everyone is curious by this post, I just want to notify you that this is not sponsored, Im not being payed etc Im just sharing some things I will personally go out and buy, sorry for that disclaimer you never know how something may come across and I never want to offend people due to a post I've written.

So, a new year, new resolutions and goals such as excursus more, signing up to the gym and making yourself feel good for doing good. This year is the year for taking care of yourself as well as others, making sure you excursus not for the effect but for the increment of happiness and motivation for other things it gives you. Also Im sure we all ate a little too much at christmas, even you paul... I saw you eating the last mince pie in the corner! (Jokes, I don't know any Pauls!) The point is, we all need a little motivation to get us pumped so we can get our arses which seem to be glued to our beds, outside and doing something.

Now, I think this applies for most people, but what more can get you motivated other than some new, sexy and stylish gym where to be a sweaty but still stylish goddess in the gym? In reality, I go the gym looking a mess. Not really bothering just in a baggy top and something comfortable and it is something I enjoy, but the array of gym where you can spend your christmas gift cards on is extremely worth it. 
As someone who doesn't wear much colour, it is a surprise that I'm writing about this line but as soon as I saw them I just looked up to the god of 'I know how to handle money, I just don't want to.' and prayed for a day where I could go shopping to buy them! The day has not yet come, but trust me... It will come soon!

After christmas, and in general Im sure we are all trying to lower the budget on our..."needs" (Makeup and... those stunning red heels... mmm) so this is perfect, good quality and personally what I think will be amazing seeing as New look are my favourite brand and I do trust them, all products I've tried have been amazing and my favourite pieces! So I thought I'd share some that I am planning to purchase soon. Now I am all about nice gym clothing feeling confident and strong while I'm pumping my non existent muscles... I'm working on it! I do think even a simple wardrobe change can make you feel that extra bit more motivation to feel good and do good to your body and mind. I thought I would share whats in my wish list of items I am going to purchase, but seeing as this is a little long I'm going to put this in a different post, as always stay beautiful and I love you. Xx

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