Monday, 22 February 2016

Upcoming Looks ~ SneakPeak!

I've recently been working a lot more on my portfolio, and building up many different variations of looks and so have been slightly sidetracked from blogging, I will be sharing a lot more of what I come up with and how to posts soon, but please let me know what you'd like to have :)

I thought I'd give you a little sneak peak of what you can expect, and what sort of looks/how to's are coming up! I know this is a rather short post, but I hope you can enjoy the pictures. So sit back, brew a cup of your favourite drink and enjoy!

Metallic Blue Lip (Feat; a pesky spot on the chin!)

Lilac Shimmer Eye

Im not going to give a lot away, but thats a little sneak peak! I hope you enjoyed just  having a faint view of the looks. As a little gift to you all, a fabulous website you could check out is Lyla loves, they have stunning amazing quality jewellery and are lovely people. Here is actually a 20% of, from Lyla Loves that they sent to say thank you to everyone and also as a thank you for all of your support towards me as well. Just Click here! :) So I reccomend you check them out but for now, stay fabulous Xx

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