Saturday, 20 February 2016

You are Strong

After going through some tough times in the past, and realising that a bigger percentage of the world is going through a tough time constantly is a little shock to the system especially with how we cope individually. Some mornings you may wake up feeling absalutely crap with no motivation and no courage to conquer whats making you feel down. When you feel alone, empty and lost don't leave your hopes behind you. Speaking like this turns me into a complete hypocryte, seeing as I struggle with keeping motivation to keep me striding through life. 

This may seem irrellavent completey, but how does makeup feel to you? Does it make you feel epowered? Strong and indiidual? Motivated and realising that you can do more than what you dream? 

My idol isn't just a 'celebrity' or anyone who is still alive sadly, but they're an inspiration towards both genders, any skin colour and any personality. Marylin Monroe quoted 'Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she'll conquer the world.' 

This is something that ties in with my post today, you don't have to be a different person to have courage. Be yourself and be who you really are. I live by the rule, that ' Don't mask your problems in lipstick, put on the lipstick and sort the problems yourself.' and what I mean by that, is that makeup can be worn however you like it, but don't feel the need to mask and cover up yourself as that can cause more insecurities of how you 'Think you're better when masked in makeup.' But you need to ask yourself one thing, 'Do you feel that masking yourself in makeup makes you happier? Do you feel that it's the real you?' 

Going completely of topic, I'm sat up in bed yawning away to a youtube music playlist to try and wake up! Even though I'm struggling, I thought it'd be best if I tried to reduce my caffiene intake as its doing more bad than good to my body and It may help me generally feel better. So what have you been up to this little holiday? Have you been busy hustling and bustling around, or have you been sat back having a netflix marathon with friends? I hope you all had a good valentines day, it isn't the most popular event here in the UK but hope you enjoyed it and had fun! Have an amazing day, Stay beautiful and fabulous! :) Xx

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