Thursday, 28 April 2016

Birthday, Work, Chaos and Coffee

I've recently had a bit of a holiday, due to my birthday which was on the 18th, and to be honest I've been extremely busy with work and life! As Much as I would love to do posts, I am concentrating my bones of, and then as any other human, I've needed relaxation and rest which concludes of me being a lazy slob! I'm hopefully going to be updating my blog design due to the fact I've had it pretty much the same the last 2 and a half years, and it's getting a little old and tired as well as needing a spot o' decorating and modernising!

Once life and working has calmed down slightly, I will be focusing more on blogging but that may be a while so please be aware that I may not be posting as regularly as I should, even though I haven't been already, I have a lot on my plate and seeing as I have been having rubbish sleep, even coffee is not helping!

I thought I'd write a post before I had my bubble bath, I highly recommend having bubble baths before bed! They honestly de stress, calm and relax you mentally and physically. It's always a nice alternative after going to the gym. To wrap this up, I want to just say that I do tweet often enough when I don't have time to a blog post and am procrastinating! So check my twitter out here, and stay fabulous Xx

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