Monday, 4 April 2016

S@*t Happens!

So... I've been absent for 2 months. This is not something I am proud of, nor something I would want to happen again. As a blogger, I have my duty to do what I love, and continue my passion but sometimes life gets a hold on everything and when things are tough we get pulled back majorly. Blogging was a choice and something I love as I can be my rambly old self and not feel judged for my passions. It's sometimes a shock to the system when stresses are increased of dramatic changes and life is all of a sudden a scary, long roller coaster ride which seems to be never ending. After a long time of not posting, I have only just realised that in times of stress and scary situations do you have a lack of motivation and you feel alone and lost even if you aren't actually.

My future ambitions is to do makeup artistry professionally, and my dream has been pushed out of my way during the past months due to lack of motivation and being a slobby procrastinator! When I wakeup sometimes I feel rather lost and not certain on where I want to go in life, who I want to end up being but thats ok. I have the rest of my life, to do anything I like and it doesn't have to be one set thing.

For all those, any ages or genders, if you aren't motivated mood, you wont feel settled or happy in your job when before you may have loved it. I am going to be doing a post on motivation, as to motivate myself again I want to almost share how everything is going. Just be reassured, shit happens! We have no choice sometimes for things that happen, usually negativity takes  toll and can cause chaos. Just imagine it like this, your lifestyle is a puzzle. You feel like there is 3 pieces missing when all of a sudden, it falls apart slowly and gets mixed up in other puzzle pieces so you are surrounded in a mess and feel confused.

I am extremely grateful for you sticking beside me even when I was absent, and let me tell you, as soon as I have found my camera and charged it, I will be posting more! I love you <3 Also, its 2 weeks until another birthday... hooray! I feel rather keen to skip this birthday, I think we all sometimes wish that we could just skip our birthday.

Any who, I am currently suffering major period cramps, so for all the ladies out there... sympathy and chocolate will do me good! I'm joking, but I am sure the females can slightly relate, this is one thing about being a woman that isn't the most... joyful. I'm going to go and bury in my duvet and browse twitter now, so sorry for the rather random and unusual blog post but see you soon! Feel free to comment your thoughts on any of the topics, I love to hear feedback and opinions, Thanks :) Stay beautiful Xx

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